PS01 ICE studdable

The Triangle IceLink PS01 winter studdable tire is designed to provide maximum grip in the most demanding conditions, especially in sustained periods of sub zero temperatures and icy roads.

The directional tread design and optimized stud sequence leads to improved grip on snowy roads.

The special silica compound formula has been particularly designed to perform in sub-zero conditions and to master the elements.

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Size Section Width Aspect Ratio LI SI
185/65R15 185 65 92XL T D E 71B
195/65R15 195 65 95XL T D E 72B
205/65R15 205 65 99XL T D E 72B
195/60R15 195 60 92XL T D E 72B
215/70R16 215 70 104XL T D E 72B
215/65R16 215 65 102XL T D E 72B
205/60R16 205 60 96XL T D E 72B
215/60R16 215 60 99XL T D E 72B
205/55R16 205 55 94XL T D E 72B
215/55R16 215 55 97XL T D E 72B
225/55R16 225 55 99XL T D E 72B
225/65R17 225 65 106XL T D E 72B
235/65R17 235 65 108XL T D E 72B
215/60R17 215 60 100XL T D E 72B
225/60R17 225 60 103XL T D E 72B
215/55R17 215 55 98XL T D E 72B
225/45R17 225 45 94XL T D E 72B

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